Kwa Farmers

More Profits and Improved Lifestyles for Kwa Farmers

Kwa Cotton Farmers is one of the groups trained, mentored, and monitored in Dawakin Tofa for over two years with support from the MacArthur Foundation. Prior to attending the training, they were concerned only about their individual businesses and were generating zero revenue for the non-functioning cooperative.

Drawing from the training they farmers received, they revived their group through setting up of rules and regulations, and making the attendance of meetings mandatory for members. They also began keeping records of sales, and developed a culture of savings as they were taught.

The training and mentoring also made them look for different business opportunities, and though the cotton farming they first ventured into failed, they were able to learn from their mistakes. Since then the group have gone into rice and maize farming, and poultry farming. They have learnt to diversify according to the seasons, resulting in more profits and improved lifestyles for the members.

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